Introduction to United South Asia

Envisioned to serve as a hub for students from the South Asian region consisting of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar as well as from the rest of the world who are interested in the South Asia region.


You may discuss on how to develop as a nation


You may debate on how to improve overall


You may share your own potential ideas

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Why Choose Us

We aim to create a platform for future change-makers and provide them the opportunity to implement their ideas that have the potential to bring about change in the South Asia region that will not only benefit students of South Asia but also from across the world to understand better about the concepts of South Asia.

The Society not only intends to bring experienced students from the South Asia region and beyond together to discuss, debate and ideate upon development issues that plague the region but would also encourage them to work together. Not Only for People from South Asia but For all over the world.