The online conference named ‘solidarity in Covid 19’ was organized by united South Asia on Thursday 11 June to help resolve the issues faced by international students in united kingdom .Speakers which mainly included presidents from different universities of united kingdom had shared deep perspective of affect of Covid-19 on international students .Conference was chaired by Hassan Rauf Awan with Deputy Chair As Syed Ali Mustafa. Mr Rauf said that Mental Health issues are highly rising among students in the Pandemic. he also added that The uncertainty will remain till there is a permanent solution to Covid-19.

Presidents of different Universities and Societies had raised concerns of around 100k international students in United Kingdom, which includes London School of Economics, Brunel University, Oxford University, Southampton University, Cambridge University, Essex University, University of Hertfordshire, Warwick University, Birmingham City University, University of Liverpool and London South bank University. The President of Liverpool University Pak Soc (Haris Alam) said that ‘Everyone was busy in their lives, but now the outbreak of Pandemic raised awareness of different matters and supporting others in these hard times is the need ’. The president of Cambridge University India Soc Nishant Sexeana Further added that not onlyOnline exams counting towards the degree was stressful but also Travel restrictions and students are not being able to meet their families which has psychologically impacted them however Mr Sexana added that Societies in Cambridge university are holding various events to help spread Positivity among students with prime focus on mental health. Oxford University’s (Maah Noor Ali) said that the changes Hard to adapt in this era and Everyone trying to adjust and make their way through these changes. University of Hertfordshire vice president (Farhan Awan)said that Students are struggling with accommodation, food, lost employment and there university has Introduced Hardship Fund for students who lost jobs and facing financial hardships. on the contrary London School of Economics University (Behraam Shair) foucsed on saying that Student Visa Issues are increasing and find their internship and placement .Accommodation should be the main focus to help lower the psychological burden of students. while the former president of Birmingham city university jaspreet singh said that We have got more time to spend with families and he expressed the feeling that we should Stop political activities stay together. Essex University (Rhea Panjwani) said that there should beFormation of groups of students isolating in accommodation so that they don’t feel lonely as Mental Health Issues are rising.Brunel University steila ramburn expressed that the university Created an organization who helped to resolve some students issues and arranged special rescue flights to help international students go home. Teamwork and Solidarity is the only way we can get through these hard times suggested by Warwick University (Aryan) .Moreover also the president of Srilankan society Warwick Dinuri Gunatilakagiven her remarks asUniversities and Student unions should create platforms that are easily accessible for students to seek professional help for their mental health issues. They should be accessible from their home or anywhere else for continued support she further said that Social Media, Loss and Grief, Broken Homes are leading to mental health issues.Rochelle from Southampton university said that it was really hard for the class of 2020 in their university to not have any physical graduation ceremony .

The conference was concluded with remarks of sending the drafts to the embassies .