Hassan Rauf Awan

Hassan Rauf Awan is the Founder and President of United South Asia.and Former president of Urdu Society Batarsi . He was born on 10th April 1999 in Hazara Pakistan. Based In London United Kingdom Hassan was Previously Known For his Poetry and Debating Skills. Awan Currently writes Articles and Blogs for different universities around the UK . Having Done his Earlier education from the most elite institutions of his country Army Burn Hall college and Cadet College Batrasi . Hassan is currently studying LLB (HONS) from University of Hertfordshire Where he is serving as Student Representative and Student Ambassador of student from more than 140 countries of the world. Hassan received various awards for debating on National and international Platforms. Also Being Involved in Student Politics, he has Spoken on various Topics in top leading Universities around the World. He was chief editor of his college magazine in 2016/17 and also served as President Urdu Society for a Year for Which He hosted Different Events Including All Pakistan Captain Usman Ali Shaheed Bilingual Competition 2016.He received Gold Medal For best debater at the age of seventeen in his college. Awan chaired the online conference in corona outbreak in which presidents of different universities from the uk participated. In July 2019 Hassan Rauf Awan started the Organization of United South Asia which Was recognized By Hertfordshire Student Union Representing 8 Countries Of the South Asia Region. In 2020 Awan was awarded the certificate of excellence by Herts SU for his Commendable services to the community in

“The Modern Era Demands us to be United for Better Future of our Masses”.

Hassan Rauf Awan
Hassan Rauf Awan
Hassan Rauf Awan(2019)



Written by Mr Rahat indori read by Hassan Rauf Awan.

Posted by Hassan Rauf Awan on Thursday, November 14, 2019
Hassan Rauf Awan

Privileged to have had spoken to our people in United Kingdom. I and my organization are committed to work for the betterment of people from subcontinent, the people to people love will always be there. "Hassan Rauf Awan"(Grateful to Web Media for Video.)

Posted by Hassan Rauf Awan on Thursday, January 2, 2020


Email—- President@unitedsouthasia.com

Hassan Rauf Awan Speaking at Prince Edward Hall


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